Saturday, November 22, 2008

plum at edge

8 march
I removed the paint in the plum shape completely and repainted it - that plum color - - -
I let it dry and see what I can do next - think th ephoto shows the light contrast somehow stronger ? might take a new photo

appr 12x14 cm oil on linen

After some time the colors did not work so strong than just after it was painted, so It left me to try and work more with it - - - - - - - -

Here is a second rework below, it approaches the first one which I liked a bit better though this one is interesting too - think the red spot light up a bit more on the photo than it should.


Simon Jones said...

Gorgeous, love the limited pallete.

doxysmom said...

I was stricken by the colors here: Plum against cool green background. And the shapes: Round against rigid. Wonderful painting.

labforfun said...

It seems you have found the right plum colour on this oil, very nice.