Saturday, January 19, 2013

Apple on canvas background reworked

Appr 8x11 cm oil on canvas
the one below was first made ( I am going to cease with this) as test on a small piece and it turned out ok, just not so good to frame, so I decided to add pieces and do some rework,
(btw here the opieces have been mounted, the one behind id judt to show what it is, a paper for oil that I shellacked)
First I painted more the colors as I know the canvas is, here I decided to show it is in the late afternoon and the light is bluish, also I corrected the drawing most of the red part is reworked and the highlight.
The title of the post is a little misleading as I did a first try with repainting the background that could look like this just not so bluish, and later on I remove this again (just turp) and decide to correct the drawing.
(btw for those it could be of interest, I dont just work over what is there, I use a sharp knife and carefully remove the small parts of dark red that should not be there).

It maybe got better in one way and maybe lost a little.