Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pink poppy

above, probably got tired thats what can happen, I took some risks and got some learning experience. its probably one of the most challenging subjects in painting because there are so many edges and forshortenings of the petals, how, as I understand it must be dealt with to render its quality. began it a la prima however with a good deal of rework steps on the way.

24th may 2014, above this must the final ? :), took a deep breath and evened the surface with  a sharp blade and went over it gain, the background got a dark glaze that dried and then I removed what I could with turp, thats it think it has a good balance and definition now, so done

Appr 16x16 cm oil on canvas on board (in dpw)

Been on its way since summer, worked  now and then to get ideas for it, it kept well for a couple a days, though I was not at all able to do a thing about it so took a photo, I thought it was kind of impossible with this detail level. I have another photo so I might do one more.

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