Sunday, June 12, 2016

drybrush space

I decide to do more here, I looked out a nice summer evening thought of a nice green

4x4 inch oil on paper
I must say I have been doubt about a couple of things or more prceise how to bring them together, my set out for painting is not realism, early on I said to myself even if I could pin point nail anything it was not what I wanted - I want to decide what should be put down on the surface - just I faced so much problems with abstract that mostly is a technical concern and I have also occupied myself with realism as it measurable and a way to understand the paint and materials. And then finally I saw this texture in some old baroque works and somehow knew I had to pursue it, the texture something similar I have seen in simple industrial painted surfaces probably done with airbrush technique and probably I have made it much more complicated than it had to be, well with the simple means I have I can make something I can use and this texture has to be in a certain way. Next in abstract painting you very soon find yourself lost. And fun enough the drybrush is the connection I have missed, I do find pleasure in ths- it can be done on canvas just the canvas still appears and is not actively part of the paintng the same way.

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