Sunday, July 24, 2016

red shape

was not sure about it, so decided to divide it, if the red shape is the idea its all enough with this
I filed this one red hill. btw I managed to apply the texture to a large(I think it is ;) ) board
not used to throw around with that much paint,

I reduced the shapes on the other half not sure if it is something to keep, could not get a good photo here below

appr 10x16 inch oil on masonite
This one began with a thn red ochre that I ran over with white here and there, after drying I added the ochre, then I had no idea. I saw a work by edward dugmore lately with a large red shape totally opake and much impasto, so thought I give it a go and applied this big shape, messed a lot with the blue

So this one is the largest lately and I am moving on, just to try I stretched a linen and thought I prepre it with the baroque texture as I like to call it and it went fine.

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