Saturday, August 13, 2016

Peach notes

appr 4x5 inch oil on linen canvas
 I found this gigantic peach in the ethnic streetshop
had it for some days. while preparing my own canvas did not have one ready so cut a standard ready linen to just take some notes, this is a good angle to realism, I have had the problem I often take a photo and end up with copy work and at all with still life
Hope to be back soon with my own canvas,

I did an effort more with the research on preparing cnavas in the 15-17th, I went to the national museum and this time I remembered my glasses and camera, the camera was a good idea as I could zoom in and put it on overexpose and then get a better impression of the texture, you know what, its fun the works that I found interesting in this respect all were placed over my height, and the light is often very dimm to protect the works, I took some photos I can tell that that it is difficult to hold the the arms up and stretched out with a relatively heavy camera on shutter one eght or something.

My conclusion is tht they have done a meteculious job at that time with these preparations the artists did not do this themselves, I think that they used a both coarse and open or loose weave probable resretching the canvas before use, with a rembrandt workshop work it is interesting to see that the protrait has not cracked, it makes sense that the glue is in the threads and not jsut like a big film and then the paint is in the haevy texture alleviating the tentions and the tendency to crack.

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