Sunday, August 10, 2008

Green earth

after a bit of reworking.

I received a comment on this one posted below, and after some thought about it I remember now I went for not describing the narrow shadowside at all - then again I was not consequent with flatten the light shape, so that part of it got unclear.

I decided to work a bit more with it and think I described the blob better
I had the setup on a board and I use two places for this board one close to me and one a bit away - I remembered wrong and chose a bit away from me and saw the drawing wrong so I corrected and went back to the 'at close' all right messed up a bit, but maybe good the tube got more what it looked liked dirty grey green used tube and makes the front more interesting which I had a s the center of interest.
As it is now the leftside edge is more defined -

appr 12x14 cm oil on oilpaper

I have been busy reworking a couple of my older works
it looks promising we'll see, they could be ok to post now but I will give it some more time. The tube is L&B btw, this one has a nice light hue.


Sam said...

Nice painting, although I'm not sure about the shadows. The light seems to be coming from the right but there's a reflection on the left hand side of the tube and 'behind' the blob of paint on the table.

But I can't really moan, you're still a much better painter than I'll ever be ;)

Jens Ole Olsen said...
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Jens Ole Olsen said...
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Jens Ole Olsen said...

Hey Sam
Thanks and for the compliment too.
This has much the nature of a sketch, I forced myself to stop.
You make some good observations,
I have added some more text about it in the post.
all best Jens

Sam said...

Wow, I like the revised version. Everything looks so much more defined. Is it me or can I actually see a bit into the tube there?

Looking good, man.