Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Painting knife 3

Painting knife 8x14 cm, oil on canvas
I did an exercise/study last time. The vase was standing not right (too much to explain)I painted it anyway, somehow it did not work well. On purpose I left a little space between the vase and knife and concnetrated on the knife first. So it was easy to remove the rest, which I decided to do. It was a very valuable lesson for me, so here it is. I prefered the photo by my working light which is daylight temperature, however I can not avoid some reflections.


Joan DaGradi said...

Very strong painting. I like the way you resolved it.
Well done.

Todd Bonita said...

Nice, a sophisticated-simplicity composition here and well painted. A light filter on your camera lense will cut down that glare. Your work is very good.