Saturday, July 7, 2007

Apple study

Apple study changed 11x15 cm oil on gessoed card. click image to enlarge
The subject for this was study was the valuestructure, I wanted to paint the wall darker and see if It would work. Of course I painted it lighter and the ground plane darker, this happens so easy see image below. I got lost in the picture and forgot what it was about.

So I decided to sacrifice some of the fun brushwork on the ground plane and lower the value of the wall with a bluish grey to represent the light in order to get the valuestructure I want. Here the diagonal is not so strong which make it speak more quiet and less I dont know chaotic maybe, but still has a dark feeling to it. The upper left should have a bit darker value, however think the painting now has a better balance.

Apple study 11x15 cm oil on gessoed card, click image to enlarge


Bart said...

I find it difficult to choose the version I like most. But that is of no interest to you I suppose as you "wanted to see if it works". If we never try and experiment we will never find new possibilities.
The apple is looking absolutely great!

I am still thrilled about founding a blogger/painter like you in Denmark btw. And who travels around on his bicycle too :-)

I added your blog to my feedreader.

Hilsen, Bart

Jens Ole Olsen said...

Hey Bart
Thanks for your nice comment, I can not choose either -(well I did)
The background is I admit a little boring now, but I have the chance to do a
slight scumbling/glazing step after it is completely dry. It will be work on a knife edge -
Because of the more simple value structure it now has, I could actually consider to
cut away the right part and have a square format instead.

I made a visit to your blog, so much has happened.
Love the work and experiments with the landscapes, interesting post about this forgotten danish painter

Back to work, finally a day with a little more light.

Hilsen Jens